7th Conferences about Cinema in Portuguese

Frederico Lopes, Paulo Cunha and Manuela Penafria (Eds.)  

The present volume brings together seven of the ten communications presented during the 7th Conferences about Cinema in Portuguese that took place between 5 and 7 November 2014 in UBI, organised by Labcom.IFP, of the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Beira Interior. Respecting its own history, the seventh edition of the Portuguese Cinema Conferences brought to debate current and relevant issues for the reflection on the productions and film relations between different countries which speak the Portuguese language, seeking to gather efforts to test hypotheses of collective and complementary reading.

The image chosen for the cover of this publication is also a tribute to filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira, great figure of cinema who passed away this year. Present in almost all editions of these Conferences, Manoel de Oliveira was the motto for the initial Edition in December 2008, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth. Although he has disappeared physically, his genius will be immortalized in his cinematographic work.

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