M.A.D. Milan Biennial 2017

Vasco Diogo, investigador do LabCom.IFP, participa na edição deste ano da M.A.D. Milan Biennial com o projecto "Bakalu Studio Composition":

"Bakalu Studio Composition was originally conceived as a loop single channel video installation intended to confront the size of the multiple human figures in the image with the mobile presence of the viewer. It’s an experimental audiovisual piece dealing with the editing possibilities of chroma and synchronous sound, always with multiple sound and image tracks of the same performer, a classical soprano singer. What interested me most here was developing a sense of editing inside the frame as in a collage while listening to the musical result as in working with multiple tracks. That process allowed me to further control the technical and conceptual problems that emerged and to expand my creative consciousness having in mind it’s future use in similar experimentations."

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