A Construção da Ciência: da Lógica da Investigação à Medição do Impacto

[The Construction of Science: from the Logic of Research to the Impact Measurement]

By Anabela Gradim (org.)

Collection: Pesquisas em Comunicação (Research in Communication)

Year of Edition: 2014

ISBN: 978-989-654-129-3

It is that triple provocation of Gorgias - nothing exists; if it did, it could not be known; if it was known it could not be reported – erected against his master, that science seeks to answer. This book, which results of preliminary work of literature review of an investigation in the field of Science Communication, looks closely especially at this last triptych aspect of science – how to communicate it – bringing together eight essays ranging from what distinguishes the natural sciences from the social sciences and humanities, passing by the permeability of the logic of science and discovery to social factors, until the communication and evaluation of scientific results and their dissemination to the general public.

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