Chapter from LABCOM.IFP Researcher Published in PETER LANG
External event
From Oct 29 until Dec 31, 2015
The researcher and Scientific Coordinator of LabCom.IFP, João Carlos Correia, is responsible for the chapter "Mass, Publics and Multitudes: Digital Activism and some of its Paradoxes", recently  published in the collective  Book "From Multitude to Crowds: Collective Action and the Media", edited by Professors Eduardo Cintra Torres and Samuel Mateus. The book is published by Peter ...
The researcher and scientific Coordinator of LabCom.IFP published in Routledge
External event
From Sep 21 until Dec 31, 2015
The researcher and Scientific Coordinator of LabCom.IFP, João Carlos Correia, is responsible for the chapter "Social media and political participation: the Portuguese 'Indignados' case", to be published in December in the collective work "Beyond the Internet: Unplugging the Protest Movement Wave " by the  Routledge . The book is edited by Professor Rita Figueiras (Catholic University) and Professor Paula ...
International Conference Rethinking Humanities
From Oct 01 until Dec 11, 2015
The LabCom.IFP-Communication, Philosophy and Humanities Research Unit will carry out the International Conference Rethinking Humanities on December 10 and 11. The technological transition and tension arising on the representations of the human question the traditional conceptions of Humanities, giving them back the task of identification of a human increasingly mutable. More recently the Humanities were confronted with technical developments that seem to ...
ilustrada - international meeting on illustration (february 18th, 2016)
Call For Papers: Events
From Oct 21 until Dec 15, 2015
Open call until December 15th, 2015.  The ilustrada (“illustrated”) is a conference on illustration that will have its first edition on February 18, 2016, in the Auditorium of the Library of the University of Beira Interior. We want this event to be repeated annually, marking through it the routine of opening of the second semester. The organization of the journey has ...
Ciberjornalismo de proximidade
From Oct 07 until Dec 31, 2015
[Cyberjournalism of proximity]  by Pedro Jerónimo  The study which we echo here, has resulted from a route which sought to answer two big questions: what kind of content does the regional press produce in the context of cyber journalism? What are the factors that determine the production routines of ciberjournalism in the regional press? Although the goal ...
Comunicar e Avaliar a Ciência
From Sep 28 until Dec 31, 2015
[Communicate and Evaluate Science] Anabela Gradim and Catarina Moura (org.) The scientific community is today the clear result of the way the last few years have increased exponentially the challenge of defining and stabilizing parameters that allow the communication and evaluation of science can benefit from the credibility necessary for the sustainability of a complex paradigm. Conceived following - and as ...
A Construção da Ciência: da Lógica da Investigação à Medição do Impacto
From Jul 20 until Oct 20, 2015
[The Construction of Science: from the Logic of Research to the Impact Measurement] By Anabela Gradim (org.) Collection: Pesquisas em Comunicação (Research in Communication) Year of Edition: 2014 ISBN: 978-989-654-129-3 It is that triple provocation of Gorgias - nothing exists; if it did, it could not be known; if it was known it could not be ...
Cinema e Digital
From Jul 10 until Oct 10, 2015
[Cinema and Digital]  This book brings together six texts written under several pretexts, assuming different forms and expressing different purposes. In common we find the relationship between cinema and digital technologies that have marked the last years of the seventh art. No attempt was made to go against the canons and hierarchies established in the cinematographic production and creation, but ...
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