International Meeting
Other events
On May 17 24, 2016
Antonio Bento and José Rosa presented the communication “Crypto-Judaism in Belmonte. When the Women were the Text” at the International Meeting “Networking Europe: connecting ideas, exchanging goods, ...
Conference on Art History
Other events
On May 18 25, 2016
"Ten works to a history of Western art" was the title of the conference that the UBI teacher and LabCom.IFP researcher, Catarina Moura, delivered on the 13th April, at ...
Other events
On May 19 26, 2016
Idalina Sidoncha and Urbano Sidoncha participated in the XX International Meeting of Reflection and Research (EIRI) held on April 13th and 14that the University of Trás-Os-Montes and Alto Douro. ...
PhD jury
Other events
On May 23 30, 2016
António Bento was a jury member of António José Portela George's doctoral exams held at the Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon, on April 18th. "Jü...
Call for Papers: Publications
From Jan 05 until May 31, 2016
DOCUMENTARY AND ENVIRONMENT Deadline: may 31st, 2016 The issue of the environment has never been so present on the agenda of our planet, since the negative consequences of man's action on our ...
Call for Papers - Cinema and other Arts
Call For Papers: Events
From May 12 until Jun 15, 2016
Until June 15
Candidaturas à 4ª edição do Programa Doutoral "Estudos de Comunicação: Tecnologia, Cultura e Sociedade"
Other events
From Mar 21 until Jun 20, 2016
Decorre a partir de hoje, 21 de março, e até ao próximo dia 20 de junho de 2016, o período de submissão de candidaturas à 4&...
Call for Papers - Conference "José Marmelo e Silva"
Call For Papers: Events
From May 12 until Jun 30, 2016
Until June 30th
Call for Papers
Other events
From Mar 24 until Dec 31, 2016
Eikon ( is peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal on Semioticsand Culture that accepts original research articles written in Portuguese, English,Spanish and French. Open to a broad range of theoretical ...
Scenics Design
From Feb 08 until Sep 07, 2016
September 5-7, 2016
Journalism and Fiction: the reporter, narrator and narrator
From Feb 08 until Sep 22, 2016
September 22, 2016
Cinema and other Arts - International Meeting
From Feb 08 until Sep 27, 2016
29-30 September, 2016 Throughout the history of motion pictures we have witnessed a complex debate around the reciprocal relationship it establishes with other arts, that is mostly defined by creative efforts and ...
Crisis of Democracy and Media
From Feb 08 until Sep 30, 2016
September, 2016
Ethics, violence and art
From Feb 08 until Oct 07, 2016
October 7, 2016
José Marmelo e Silva
From Feb 08 until Oct 11, 2016
October 10-11, 2016
Political Science
From Feb 08 until Oct 21, 2016
October 21, 2016
Applied Ethics
From Feb 08 until Oct 28, 2016
October 28, 2016
From Feb 08 until Nov 18, 2016
November 17-18, 2016
JDM-Jounalism for Mobile
International Colloquium
From Feb 08 until Nov 23, 2016
November 22-23, 2016
Masculinidades em (re)Construção: Gênero, Corpo e Publicidade
From May 20 until Aug 26, 2016
de Soraya Barreto Januário O presente livro analisa as representações dos homens e das suas masculinidade, retratadas através do médium&...
DESIGNA 2015 - Identity
From May 11 until Aug 11, 2016
Francisco Paiva, Catarina Moura (Orgs.) Identity reports to the character of things, to the set of characteristics and attributes that make them both recognizable and singular. In the field of design, ...
Cinema em Português - VIII Jornadas
From Apr 27 until Jul 20, 2016
Frederico Lopes, Paulo Cunha e Manuela Penafria (Eds.)  A presente publicação reúne sete das nove comunicações apresentadas durante as VIII Jornadas Cinema ...
Magazine Journalism to Tablets: An analysis of the iPad app's of the magazines Wired and Katachi
From Apr 22 until Jul 20, 2016
By Marcelo Freire. Magazine Journalism to Tablets discusses the migration process of magazines for mobile devices. To this end, it tries to identify the "DNA" of this type of publication, ...
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