The researcher and scientific Coordinator of LabCom.IFP published in Routledge
External event
From Sep 21 until Dec 31, 2015
The researcher and Scientific Coordinator of LabCom.IFP, João Carlos Correia, is responsible for the chapter "Social media and political participation: the Portuguese 'Indignados' case", to be published in December in the collective work "Beyond the Internet: Unplugging the Protest Movement Wave " by the  Routledge . The book is edited by Professor Rita Figueiras (Catholic University) and Professor Paula ...
1st Internacional Congress Cultures in Movement
From Sep 07 until Oct 29, 2015
Runs from October 27 to 29, at the Faculty of Arts and Letters. As it is suggested, from the very beginning, by the name chosen for this 1st International Congress of Culture: Cultures in Motion, it intends to handle culture as a simultaneously unique – Culture – and plural – Cultures phenomenon. In fact, the singularity and plurality result from the dialectic which, ...
Jornadas de Ética
On Oct 07 30, 2015
ETHICS DAYS – October 30, 2015 – 2 pm – Councils Room   RATIONALITY AND MORAL MOTIVATION   Guest lecturer:   Nuno Venturinha (UNL/ FCSH)   Moral Epistemology, Interpersonal Indetermination and Enactivism   Abstract. This communication is divided into three parts. In the first one some recent conceptions of Moral Epistemology and its possible freedom of values will be discussed. In the second part ...
Academic Journal Communication Studies
Call For Papers: Events
From Jun 30 until Nov 03, 2015
November 3rd, 2015 II Communicating Science: Emerging Publication Models The Academic Journal Communication Studies/Estudos em Comunicação invites you to present your research/article to its special edition under the subject Communicating Science: Emerging Publication Models. The mainstream scientific publishing model has been going through high volatile developments in recent years. To the exponential growth of science, of the ...
Academic Journal Communication Studies
Call For Papers: Events
From Oct 01 until Nov 06, 2015
November 6th, 2015 II Communicating Science: Emerging Publication Models The Academic Journal Communication Studies/Estudos em Comunicação invites you to present your research/article in all area of Communication science and media studies to its issue nº 20 - December 2015. Manuscript submission: November 6th, 2015 Acceptance notification: November 30th, 2015 Publication: December 18, 2015 Selection criteria: papers will be subject ...
International Colloquium Life and Work of Mário Cláudio
From Oct 06 until Nov 13, 2015
The University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, is pleased to welcome, on 12 and November 13, 2015, the International Colloquium Life and Work of Mário Cláudio. This event, which celebrates more than 40 years of literary work of one of the most brilliant minds of contemporary Portuguese culture, continuing another smaller event held on April 12, 2013 on BMEL, Guard, is organized by ...
Conference "Television and New Media - Television Audiences in the Era of Media Convergence"
From Oct 01 until Nov 17, 2015
The subject of television will be highlighted again in UBI. The 2nd Conference "Television and New Media" will be held on 16 and 17 November 2015.  The era of media convergence came to expand the supply of television content in a constant effort to keep the mass audience who claimed television as the mass medium par excellence. The centrality ...
Jornadas de Política - Démocratie, Néo-libéralisme, Gouvernement
From Oct 07 until Nov 20, 2015
19 and 20, november Museu de Lanificios
Designa 2015
From Oct 01 until Nov 27, 2015
November, 26 and 27, 2015 Identity reports to the character of things, to the set of characteristics and attributes that make them both recognizable and singular. In the field of design, the concept of identity is frequently used in connection with visual or material differentiation of brands, goods and services, regularly assuming broader connotations in the cultural sphere. This is the one that encompasses ...
International Conference Rethinking Humanities
From Oct 01 until Dec 11, 2015
The LabCom.IFP-Communication, Philosophy and Humanities Research Unit carries out on december 10th and 11th the International Conference Rethinking Humanities. The technological transition and the resulting strain on the human figurations call into question traditional conceptions of the Humanities, returning them the task of identifying a human increasingly changeable. Most recently Humanities and humanistic thought were confronted with technical developments that ...
Ciberjornalismo de proximidade
From Oct 07 until Dec 31, 2015
por Pedro Jerónimo O estudo a que aqui damos eco, resultou de um percurso no qual se procurou responder a duas grandes questões: Que tipo de conteúdos produz a imprensa regional no âmbito do ciberjornalismo? Quais são os fatores que determinam as rotinas de produção do ciberjonalismo na imprensa ...
Comunicar e Avaliar a Ciência
From Sep 28 until Dec 31, 2015
[Communicate and Evaluate Science] Anabela Gradim and Catarina Moura (org.) The scientific community is today the clear result of the way the last few years have increased exponentially the challenge of defining and stabilizing parameters that allow the communication and evaluation of science can benefit from the credibility necessary for the sustainability of a complex paradigm. Conceived following - and as ...
A Construção da Ciência: da Lógica da Investigação à Medição do Impacto
From Jul 20 until Oct 20, 2015
[The Construction of Science: from the Logic of Research to the Impact Measurement] By Anabela Gradim (org.) Collection: Pesquisas em Comunicação (Research in Communication) Year of Edition: 2014 ISBN: 978-989-654-129-3 It is that triple provocation of Gorgias - nothing exists; if it did, it could not be known; if it was known it could not be ...
Cinema e Digital
From Jul 10 until Oct 10, 2015
[Cinema and Digital]  This book brings together six texts written under several pretexts, assuming different forms and expressing different purposes. In common we find the relationship between cinema and digital technologies that have marked the last years of the seventh art. No attempt was made to go against the canons and hierarchies established in the cinematographic production and creation, but ...
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